Skydliaukės mazginių pažeidimų citomorfometrinė charakteristika ir jos diagnozinė vertė

Show simple item record Dunderienė, Loreta 2017-08-21T08:17:06Z 2017-08-21T08:17:06Z 2006
dc.description.abstract For the first time in Lithuania morphometric measurements of thyroid cytological preparations were carried out using fine needle aspiration and an image analysis system. The work presents complex analysis of ultrasonic, cytomorphological, cytomorphometric and histological examination data, their interrelation and informativeness. The work results have showed spectrum of clinical, morphological, morphometric changes and frequency of nodular thyroid at various thyroid diseases. We determined significant changes of nodular thyroid, informativeness and diagnostic value of different examination methods for differentiation of thyroid diseases and diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Early diagnosis of thyroid tumors is being successfully carried out in Lithuania as well as ultrasonic test, radio isotopic scanning, cytomorphological and histological analysis of FNA aspirate. The aim of our study was to determine cytomorphological and cytomorphometric indications of the thyroid nodules using ultrasound and fine needle aspirate and to evaluate their complex value. 1. To evaluate ultrasonic characteristics of nodular thyroid examination. 2. To determine cytomorphological parameters of fine needle aspirate. 3. To establish cytomorphometric indications of nuclei in nodular thyroid epithelium cells and to determine their interrelations (area, perimeter, convex perimeter, min and max axes, shape factor, ovalness, roughness). 4. To determine morphometric changes of thyroid cytological categories. 5. To evaluate importance of ultrasonic, cytomorphological and cytomorphometric indications for diagnosis of pathological process.
dc.language.iso lit
dc.subject Skydliaukės mazginai pažeidimai
dc.subject Aspiracinė punkcija plona adata
dc.subject Citomorfometrija
dc.title Skydliaukės mazginių pažeidimų citomorfometrinė charakteristika ir jos diagnozinė vertė
dc.title.alternative Cytomorphometric characteristic of the thyroid nodular lesions and it's diagnostical value
dc.type Daktaro disertacija

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