Serganciuju ischemine sirdies liga desiniojo skilvelio remodeliavimasis

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dc.description.abstract The aim of this study was to determine the characteristics of the remodeling of the heart right ventricle as well as the changes in the interstitial fibrillar collagen network of myocardium during pre-infarction, acute myocardial infarction and post-infarction development stages of IHD.Indications of right ventricle remodeling are estimated in all development stages of IHD. The concentric type of the right ventricle hypertrophy develops in patients with chronic IHD yet till the first acute MI occurs, i.e. in the pre-infarction period, due to the prolonged myocardial ischemia: its mass and endocardial surface area was bigger than the same parameters of the control group. In this stage of the development of the IHD the variation of right and left ventricle geometrical (endocardial area) and mass parameters was toughly related (linear relationship, r≥0, 5, p<0,05) and irrespective from the total stenotic lesion of the coronary arteries (index of stenosis). In the periods of acute MI and post-infarction IHD these parameters did not vary significantly, i.e. the concentric type hypertrophy of the right ventricle persists. The percentage volume, perimeter, number of bundles areas of the interstitial fibrillar collagen network increase significantly in the pre-infarction period, comparing with the control group and persists in later stages of IHD.
dc.language.iso lit
dc.subject Ischemine sirdies liga
dc.subject Desiniojo skilvelio remodeliavimasis
dc.subject Ischemic heart disease
dc.subject Right ventricular remodeling
dc.title Serganciuju ischemine sirdies liga desiniojo skilvelio remodeliavimasis
dc.title.alternative Remodeling pecularities of the right ventricle in patients with ischemic heart disease
dc.type Daktaro disertacija

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