Hipodinamijos įtaka kataraktos genezei

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dc.description.abstract Currently cataract constitutes the main reason of blindness throughout the world. If risk factors could be influenced, then the number of ill people would reduce. Lens opacity influencing factors are numerous; some of them are well-known, the others provoke big discussions. A well-established cataract - age relationship allows suggesting that the development of the disease (besides other causative factors) might be influenced by the lack of physical activity. Purpose of the present study was to establish the effect of hypodynamics upon the cataract genesis. There were two parts of study. The experiment with rabbits was carried out repeatedly when investigating the influence of hypodynamics upon bioelement (zinc and calcium) concentration in eye lens, lens cortical layer and retinal blood vessel ultrastructure, light scattering in lenses. In the clinical part (with people) lens opacity as well as physical activity was assessed in cataract-ill people and control group. The investigation revealed that hypodynamics significantly caused an increase of bioelement amount in lenses, cataractogenesis-related injuries of the cortical layer of the eye lens, injures in eye retina blood-vessel ultrastructure and increase light scattering. The means of the intensities of the opacity of the lens nucleus, nucleus color, cortex opacity, and posterior subcapsular opacity of the patients that are ill with cataract are statistically significantly higher; at the same time, visual acuity as well as physical activity is lower if compared with the control group.
dc.language.iso lit
dc.subject Cataract
dc.subject Hipodinamija
dc.subject Katarakta
dc.subject Hypodynamia
dc.title Hipodinamijos įtaka kataraktos genezei
dc.title.alternative Effect of Hypodynamics Upon Cataract Genesis
dc.type Daktaro disertacija

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