Depresija ir jos ryšys su skydliaukės funkcija nėštumo metu

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dc.description.abstract The purpose of this work was to determine psychosocial, clinical, biological (associated with thyroid) risk factors for depression during pregnancy which will help clinicians to detect those at greater risk for depression; and to validate the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) which could help to assess the intensity of depressive symptoms. According to our results, the lithuanian version of the EPDS is reliable and valid instrument for the assessment of depression in women. For screening purpose a cut-off score of the EPDS ≥ 12 is recommended. Depression and symptoms of depression at least one trimester of pregnancy were more frequent in women with lower level of education, with unwanted pregnancy, with personal and family history of depression, with high level of neuroticism and in women who experienced psychosocial stressors during a year. The most robust risk factors for depression during pregnancy were history of depression, unwanted pregnancy and high level of neuroticism. In the first pregnancy assessment time there was an inverse correlation between depressive symptoms and thyroid stimulating hormone concentration. In the third pregnancy assessment time mean thyroid stimulating hormone concentration was lower in women with depression in comparison to women without depression. In the same pregnancy assessment time depression tended to be more frequent in the group of women with low thyroid stimulating hormone concentration in comparison to the group of women with normal thyroid stimulating hormone concentration. There was no relationship between the presence of depression or its symptoms and free thyroxine concentration during pregnancy. There was no significant relationship between the frequency of depression or its symptoms and elevated concentration of antibodies against thyroid peroxidase during pregnancy.
dc.language.iso lit
dc.subject Rizikos veiksniai
dc.subject Thyroid
dc.subject Nėštumas
dc.subject Skydliaukė
dc.subject Depresija
dc.subject Risk factors
dc.subject Depression
dc.subject Pregnancy
dc.title Depresija ir jos ryšys su skydliaukės funkcija nėštumo metu
dc.title.alternative Depression and its relationship to thyroid function during pregnancy
dc.type Daktaro disertacija

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