Trauminio nugaros smegenų pažeidimo ir stuburo kanalo susiaurėjimo sąsajų tyrimas

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dc.description.abstract The tasks of the study were as follows: to investigate histological findings of the spinal cord two hours after a trauma; to investigate the influence of the narrowing of spinal canal on the histological changes development of the injured spinal cord; to estimate the influence of the spinal cord surgical decompression performed within twenty hours after the cervical spine trauma on its clinical signs of the changes of the injury; to determinate the relationship between the duration of the cervical spinal cord compression and its clinical signs of changes of the injury. The main results: The hemorrhages in the gray matter and within the perivascular spaces of the spinal cord and beneath it dura mater, blood stasis in the vessels of the spinal cord gray matter and the thrombosis of the superficial spinal cord vessels, ischemic neurons were established in axial sections of the spinal cord two hours after the experimental trauma. The degree of pericellular edema established in axial sections of the spinal cord stained with hematoxylin and eosin by light microscopy two hours after the experimental trauma was more severe for the laboratory animals which underwent reduction of vertical diameter of the spinal canal by 50 % followed by spinal cord compression. The cervical spinal cord decompression performed within twenty four hours after trauma provided significant neurologic recovery twelve months after surgical intervention. The decompression of the injured spinal cord manifested by grade D (according to tha ASIA guidelines) performed less than twelve hours after the trauma provided significant neurological improvement compared with that performed within twelve and twenty four hours.
dc.language.iso lit
dc.subject Nugaros smegenų histologiniai tyrimai
dc.subject Injured spinal cord
dc.subject Stuburo kanalų susiaurėjimas
dc.subject Histological exansination of the injured spinal co
dc.subject Spinal cord injury
dc.subject Nugaros smegenų pažeidimas
dc.title Trauminio nugaros smegenų pažeidimo ir stuburo kanalo susiaurėjimo sąsajų tyrimas
dc.title.alternative Investigation of the relationships between the traumatic spinal cord injury and narrowing of the spinal canal
dc.type Daktaro disertacija

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