Benzalkonio ir metenamino analogų antimikrobinio aktyvumo nustatymas in vitro ir jo priklausomybė nuo aerozolio dalelių krūvio

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dc.description.abstract Antibacterial effectiveness in vitro of the original quaternary ammonium compounds that were synthesized in the Laboratory of Biologically active substances was determined and the dependence of this activity upon chemical structure of the compound was established. Also generalisations have been made concerning the regularity of this dependency, the effectiveness of the compounds was compared to benzalkonium chloride, their advantages and disadvantages were discussed. Acute toxicity of the most effective compound was established and compared to that of benzalkonium chloride. It was found that these compounds showed good antibacterial activity against Gr+ and Gr- bacteria and low toxicity, thus this original data was summarized in the patent Nr. 4712. For the first time it was found that upon disintegration of quaternary methenamonium compounds new quaternary ammonium compounds, aldehydes and ammonia are produced. The first two of the three show further antimicrobic activity. Using quaternary ammonium salts and cholrhexydine a biocide for disinfection was created. The created biocide was tested for effectiveness when used for disinfection of air in the premises, horizontal and vertical surfaces. The compound was used in the form of aerosols and electro-aerosols. The research data showed that strong concentrations of Dezinfektas IV are necessary (up to 30%), but small amount of the solution per volume is enough (20-30 ml/m3). Ten times higher concentration is needed for destruction of Gr- bacteria, than for destruction of Gr+ bacteria. Company „Ruvera“ is planning to manufacture the biocide.
dc.language.iso eng
dc.subject U-77
dc.subject Benzalkonium chloride
dc.subject Ketvirtiniai amonio junginiai
dc.subject Dezinfektas
dc.subject Quaternary ammonium compounds
dc.subject Dezinfektas
dc.subject U-77
dc.subject Benzalkonio chloridas
dc.title Benzalkonio ir metenamino analogų antimikrobinio aktyvumo nustatymas in vitro ir jo priklausomybė nuo aerozolio dalelių krūvio
dc.title.alternative Establishment of benzalkonium and methenamine analoques antimicrobic activity in vitro and its dependency upon the electrical charge of the particles in the aerosol
dc.type Disertacijos santrauka

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